"Mozart of the Balkans"

Born is Bosia, artist and composer Professor Semir Hasic is renowned as one of the finest accordion players in the world today. He was named 'World Champion' in 1994 at the World Accordion Contest in Italy, a crowning achievement in his long and extraordinary career.

At the tender age of just six, he already developed a unique sense and talent for music, and began taking accordion lessons with the two-time World Champion Janez Goveduk and then later continued his studies at the Music Academy in Sarajevo.

He has played to sold-out audiences in Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy and the United States. He also gave a command performance at the Vatican for Pope Johannes Paul II.

His extensive repertoire encompasses the most famous compositions and accordion interpretations of songs by Bach, Mozart, Brahms and others. He gave guest performances at countless concerts by PUR and acquired the epithet "Mozart of the Balkans" by his excellent style of play. Also, he was the honor to part with the fishermen work choirs.


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